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The Acrobatic Arts program is designed to promote excellence in tumbling, flexibility, strength, balance, contortion and partner/group stunting for dancers. Dancers will be inspired to excel, progressing through twelve levels. This class also provides students the opportunity to be taught tricks and skills that can be incorporated into dance routines. This class is all about preparing and learning skills to perform tricks safely. Student will be taught to perform with elegance and grace - making it look effortless!

Students are able to work at their individual skill level. Within one class, students may be at different skill levels within reason. The one year per level rule does not apply to Acrobatics, student’s progress at different paces. They work steadily at certain skills until they are achieved. Our Acrobatic Arts certified teachers are trained to challenge every student adequately.


BALLET (R.A.D)             

Ballet is the classical foundation syllabus to all dancing styles. It enables the dancer to acquire skills such as turn out, placement, posture and control of every part of their body which is needed for development and deportment skills. In our classes this is introduced from babies using fairy runs through to senior levels with the implementing of more demanding ballet techniques. As this is the vocal point for dancing, we offer RAD Ballet classes with exams for students. CLICK HERE to find out more! 


An exploration of movement through mix of modern & classic forms of dance to create new styles of movement. Contemporary dance focuses on the principles of; Centering, Alignment, Gravity, Breath, Contraction, Release, Fall and Recovery, Extension, Balance and Off-Balance, Tension and Relaxation, Opposition and Emotion. 


In this class students will be challenged both mentally and physically with an emphasis on pushing classical boundaries. It uses more athletic muscle control as opposed to ballet, with catch and release dynamics developing expressive techniques. Contemporary dance provides performers creative freedom presenting the viewer with breathtaking imagery.


A free form of dance, focusing on classic Jazz warm-ups and moves mixed in with new age choreography. Jazz/Funk is a fun and hi energy class each week students will learn new and exciting dance steps and combinations while improving their fitness, flexibility and co-ordination. Jazz is one of the most popular fun classes which also helps develop performance and confidence. This class is suitable for all ages and abilities.



A specially fun designed class for students ages 5-6 years. Children will get the chance to explore classical ballet, tap and jazz all in one class. This is a fun high energy class where students will develop their movement, coordination, timing, musical rhythm, turnout, placement and posture.


Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. The story and emotional content of a musical are communicated through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole.


Project Kidz will learn a performance routine and will have the opportunity to perform and showcase their talent at local events, Dance competitions, and professional events. Students will be expected to attend class regularly and attend all dance events. 


READY SET DANCE is the perfect way to start developing the co-ordination skills that are the basics of dance classes. Students learn Jazz, tap, hip hop, singing, music and ballet whilst using a range of props and specially developed music. Click here to find out more. 


Solos/Duo/Trio classes are intense (one-on-one) tuition sessions where routines are learnt for competitions as a result are charged at a higher rate. A Competition quality costume will also be required to be purchased. In addition Competition registrations fees will be charged as charged by running body this will vary depending on Eisteddfod entered.  

IDT STRETCH & CONDITIONING                   

Stretching is an important technique to ensure that all students learn the art of preparing their bodies and strengthening their muscles for class. The focus is to increase flexibility make movements more graceful and effortless and necessary as major key to preventing dancing injuries. 


In the Tap Class this is an exciting form of dancing utilising tap shoes with metal plates to emphasise rapid footsteps and unique choreography. Learn how to make rhythms with your feet, time steps, travelling time steps and other classic and hip moves while working your small motor skills. This Class is all about making loads noise with your feet. Tap exams are also available.


Hip-Hop is a fantastic energetic style of dance offered to students 7+ years. Hip-Hop dance has evolved from the streets with free expression and the creation of improvisational steps. Students will enjoy the blending of different music styles, whilst learning hip-hop. This exciting and interesting style has moves that will unleash the groove within and will build self-confidence.


Cheerleading is a fun class specifically designed to cater for 7+ years. In class students will be trained in Stunts, Tumbling, Jumps, Pom Work, Cheer & Dance appropriate to their age and skill level. Students in this class will combine elements into exciting routines. We are dedicated to providing a safe, friendly, and fun community where all students can participate.

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